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how to start, fees

appointments only by phone, wednesday 08.30 to 09.00 a.m. +31715212878.

issue exploration and contracting takes three sessions.

check your insurance for coverage. all insurances in holland cover fees. dutch companies that cover fees directly('in natura') in 2018 are listed below:

CZ (Delta Lloyd, OHRA),VGZ (Unive/IZA/Trias(IZZ/UMC/Cares Gouda/SIZ), DSW, SR, Multizorg: ONVZ, VVAA, Zorg en Zekerheid, Caresq

the practice did not contract Achmea (Zilveren Kruis, FBTO), the Friesland and Menzis (Azivo/Anderzorg) restitution of about 70% to 100% of the costs is in that case possible, dependent on a 'natura' or 'restitutie' insurance. 

a referral from your G.P. is needed.

in case of no insurance price of one session(45 min.) is € 102,00, referral not necessary.


read on:  www.lvvp.info


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