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pesso-psychotherapy (pbsp)

pesso-psychotherapy or pesso boyden system psychomotor (pbsp) facilitates core human processes and the satisfaction of basic developmental needs that result in a life of meaning and pleasure. pbsp provides a time and a place for 'structures', a symoblic re-enactment procedure that uses the resources of the body, mind and soul to become who you really are.

in a structure weekend, eight clients meet on a friday and a saturday from 10.00 a.m. through 5.00 p.m. the structure group does therapy-related exercises and work on structures. members of the group function as role playing figures in therapeutic work. you can sign in for a structure weekend by sending an email or making a telephone call. in case you are not known yet, we first will have an intake. next weekend wil be february 2019, 22th and 23th

pesso-psychotherapy is often combined with individual psychotherapy.

at the moment I offer client and training workshops PBSP in Holland (RINO-Noord Holland), Jutland, Denmark and Helsinki, Finland to groups of professionals.

i'm certified by Albert Pesso as an PBSP-therapist, supervisor and trainer.

read on: www.pbsp.com

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