Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy will help you work on resolving issues arrived at during the contracting phase.

  • psychodynamic psychotherapy (usually one session a week), or:
  • supportive psychotherapy (usually one session every two weeks)

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is aimed at solving intrapersonal conflicts, causing problems in daily life, relationships, work.
Supportive psychotherapy is aimed at developing new coping strategies.
medication is part of the treatment if necessary.

Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

Post-traumatic stress (PTSS) can be treated by Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
Symptoms of post-traumatic stress:

  • flashbacks or re-living traumatic events
  • nightmares and insomnia
  • irritability, anger or emotional numbness
  • avoiding any trigger related to the trauma
  • shame or guilt
  • self destructive behavior such as substance abuse

EMDR is a procedure that desensitises the neural networks responsible for the combination of traumatic memories, emotions, negative cognitions about the self and physical arousal. read on:

Pesso-psychotherapy (PBSP)

Pesso-psychotherapy or Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) facilitates core human processes and the satisfaction of basic developmental needs that result in a life of meaning and pleasure. PBSP provides a time and a place for 'structures', a symoblic re-enactment procedure that uses the resources of the body, mind and soul to become who you really are.
In a structure weekend, eight clients meet on a friday and a saturday from 10.00 a.m. through 5.00 p.m. The structure group does therapy-related exercises and work on structures. Members of the group function as role playing figures in therapeutic work. You can sign in for a structure weekend by sending an e-mail or making a telephone call. In case you are not known yet, we first will have an intake. Because of COVID no structure weekends are scheduled.
Pesso-psychotherapy is also often combined with individual psychotherapy.

At the moment I offer client and training workshops PBSP in Holland (RINO-Noord Holland), Jutland, Denmark and Helsinki, Finland to groups of professionals. I am certified by Albert Pesso as an PBSP-therapist, supervisor and trainer. Read on:


Check your insurance for coverage. all insurances in holland cover fees. Dutch companies that cover fees directly('in natura') in 2021 are listed below:

  • VGZ including IZA, UMC ,IZZ, SZVK, Bewuzt, MJVP and Unive
  • CZ including Nationale Nederlanden and Ohra
  • Zorg & Zekerheid,
  • ONVZ and VVAA
  • DSW including  Stad Rotterdam  and In Twente

The practice did not contract Achmea (Zilveren Kruis, FBTO, Agis), the Friesland and Menzis (Anderzorg) and Eno, ASR and Caresq. Restitution of about 70% to 100% of the costs is in that case possible, dependent on a 'natura' or 'restitutie' insurance. A referral from your G.P. is needed.

In case of no insurance price of one session(45 min.) is € 107,00, referral not necessary.
Fee PBSP structure weekend is € 215,00

How to start

Appointments only by phone, wednesday 08.30 to 09.00 a.m. +31715212878.
Issue exploration and contracting takes three sessions.

We don't accept new registrations at this moment.

Our practice is currently closed for accepting new clients. It is so far unclear when it will happend.



Workshop ‘Een eigen praktijk’ offered by RINO Noord-Holland and LVVP .
Courses in ‘Praktijkvoering en profilering’  and ‘Ondernemen in de zorg’ in trainings for gz-psycholoog, psychotherapist (RINO NH) and schoolpsycholoog (RINO NH and Nijmegen)

Learning therapy

Learning therapy on psychodynamic lines is offered to psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists (GZ of KP)  i.o. Fee € 107 per session. Registered in the NVP register.


Supervision is offered individually or in small groups (160,00 for 90mins.).

  • for PBSP trainees: € 107 per hour (60mins).
  • for gz-psychologists: € 107 per hour.
  • for other health care professionals, fees on demand

Coaching is offered to professionals who work in (mental) health care as well as professionals who are considering starting their own practice in mental health care. Coaching is offered vis-a-vis, by telephone or e-mail. Fee: € 107 per session of an hour.

Trainings & Workshops

PBSP trainings and workshops:


  • september 2021: Module 2 PBSP RINO Noord-Holland,  october 2021 module 1 
  • august 27th  2021: introductory workshop  professionals RINO Noord-Holland
  • continuing PBSP trainings in Helsinki, Finland; Praag, Tsjechie; Basel, Switserland.
  • 8 & 9 october 2021 : open workshops  "Heart Conference", Arhus, Denmark


Arnoud van Buuren



Medical doctor, head of dept. centre for adddiction, Haarlem


Psychotherapist in group practice, Alphen a/d Rijn


Psychotherapist in private practice, Leiden


Freelance teacher RINO Noord-Holland, FSW Nijmegen and Centrale RINOgroep Utrecht


Certified supervisor and trainer in PBSP Holland, Denmark, Finland, Tsjechie, Switserland


Chair of the Board at NVVP, later LVVP


Chair of the Advisory Board Sanctuary Kliniek Alphen a/d Rijn


Chair of the Asdvisory Board RINO Noord-Holland


Member of the Board FGzPt


  • BIG-registrated as medical doctor (69020408001) and psychotherapist (39020408016).

memberships are listed below:

  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Psychotherapie (NVP )
  • Landelijke Vereniging van Vrijgevestigde Psychotherapeuten en Psychologen (LVVP )
  • Vereniging EMDR Nederland (VEN )
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Pesso-psychotherapie , certified by the Psychomotor Institute as Pesso-psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer.


psychotherapy practice

Arnoud van Buuren

Visiting & Postal Address

Gezondheidscentrum Vondellaan

Vondellaan 35ad
2332 AA Leiden
The Netherlands

Email address:

With public transport:
It is a 900 meter walk from Leiden Central Station. Exit the station at the frontside and then turn right towards the old tax office. Turn right under the train rail bridge. The first street on the left is the Vondellaan.

By car:
From the A44: Exit 8 (direction Leiden). After approx. 800 meters, at the 4th traffic lights, turn right
From A4: Exit 7 (Leiden / Zoeterwoude-dorp). Then follow the N206 direction Leiden / Katwijk.